Nurturing the Needs of your Bump and Baby including Safe Sleep Information

The Nurturing the Needs of your Bump & Baby workshop helps give parents a greater understanding of their unborn baby’s development. It will provide parents with the chance to learn about the baby’s social and emotional development and how to respond to their baby’s cues. It will help make parents aware of the benefits of responsive feeding, skin to skin contact, breastfeeding, responsive parenting and importance of safe sleep. 

 We recommend you attend this session as early as possible in your pregnancy.

The session is available to families who live within Wigan Borough or are delivering at Wigan (RAEI) hospital.

Your information will be shared with local Start Well Family Centre’s and Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust Maternity & Health Visiting Services.

Atherton Startwell Family Centre

Formby Avenue, Atherton, M46 0HX

Date Time
13/11/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
11/12/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
Ashton Library

Wigan Road, Ashton, WN4 9BH

Date Time
14/11/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
Westfield Startwell Family Centre

Montrose Avenue, Wigan, WN5 9XN

Date Time
31/10/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
28/11/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
19/12/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
Hindley Children's Centre

Mornington Road, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 4LG

Date Time
11/12/2019 6pm-8pm Book Now
Ince Startwell Family Centre

Charles Street, Ince, Wigan, WN2 2AL

Date Time
06/11/2019 6.30pm-8.30pm Book Now
04/12/2019 6.30pm-8.30pm Book Now

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